Science Geek Nate Units

Welcome to my site, a set of units I have used in my decades of teaching that I hope are useful to other teachers. Currently there are two units, but
the Nature of Science Unit is under construction!

In Discovering Evolution, the result of years of combing the web and researching methods of teaching introductory evolution to middle school students. Here you can find everything you need to teach a unit on evolution including lessons, downloadable documents and images, and links for more ideas. Extensions are included as well, particularly the excellent GEMS Life Through Time unit that my masters research showed was essential in cementing the early understanding of how life evolves over time.

Although this unit can be used for simply teaching evolution, it is designed to promote acceptance of evolution as well, particularly in areas where the community generally rejects evolution. The students discover the ideas of evolution and accept them before labeling them as “evolution.” See the philosophy page for the reasoning behind this idea.

In Nate’s Nature of Science (NOS) Unit, you will find a combination of hands-on and traditional lessons designed to teach the students about variables, scientific methods used in experimentation, and the definition of theory. This unit works well at the start of the year, prior to teaching evolution.

I hope you enjoy my site and find value in it as an educator. Please contact me if you have feedback on the content or usability of this site.

Nathan Fairchild
North Woods School
Redding, CA